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niedziela, 20 listopada 2011

Against the terrestiasl television market closure

Dear economists, let us stop supporting the terrestial media market closure!

In Polish media market there is a ologopoly on the terrestial private TV market. Even if digital broadcasting technology was introduced recently, fewe new entrants enter the terrestial market. Such a situation actually limits political debate.

There is a completely unequal competition between market participants. Monopolies and duopolies have the power to shape the outcomes of political game to one's interest. Duopolised terrestial media markets needs to open for world-view and religious minorities - nowadays they stream only in the Internet, like nearly all religious minorities. Currently the terrestial market is closed. We do not support such situations and we are sorry that there are no religious minorities broadcasting. The access to terrestial networks to only few commercial groups limits possibilities for a free market of ideas. This is unethical.

Adam Fularz, IE research fellow

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